UD always wonders, when these recruitment catastrophes happen, why the firm hired (at great cost) to find the catastrophic applicant never seems to suffer consequences.

College Park, where lies Mr UD‘s University of Maryland, hired, thanks to Baker Tilly, a woman whose easily accessible personal website ought at the very least to have provoked Baker Tilly to wonder whether the person they promoted for city manager would prove an embarrassment. As it is, College Park hired with great huzzahs and then fired – with what will probably be a good deal of legal/financial trouble – Natasha Hampton, only days before she was due to take the job.

[P]rior to her start date of June 1, 2021, the Mayor and City Council were made aware of certain discrepancies in the information Ms. Hampton had provided to the City.

The hyper-vainglorious nature of Hampton’s website suggests that indeed she may be exaggerating this or that achievement a tad… And how hard would it have been for Baker Tilly to determine that her college is close to losing its accreditation? Etc. You hire firms like this in order to avoid this sort of outcome.

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