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Four kids, church-goers, Tea Party Patriots, the Roethles work hard to make Kansas a better place! Alana stars in a commercial attacking a Democratic congressional candidate – a commercial in which she identifies herself as just “a mom of four,” without mentioning that she’s “the secretary of Kansas’s Republican Party. She is also a member of the Kansas Lottery Commission … [and she] served as a delegate during the 2016 Republican National Convention and … attended President Trump’s inauguration.”

But that’s nothing! Scott just got indicted for health care fraud!

“[B]eginning in 2017 and continuing until at least 2020, multiple telemedicine and marketing companies paid Dr. Roethle illegal kickbacks, totaling $674,026, to sign prescriptions and orders for orthotics, genetic tests, and topical creams. Dr. Roethle was typically paid $30 for each order or prescription he signed. The marketing and telemedicine companies solicited patients through the media and cold calls and then electronically transmitted patient information to Dr. Roethle through an electronic portal. In almost all instances, Dr. Roethle had no contact with the patients and did not determine if they needed the items or services before he signed the orders.  Patients often complained to Dr. Roethle that they did not want or need the items he had ordered for them.

Roethle obtained medical licenses in 22 states and signed orders for thousands of patients residing in these states. Medicare Part B suffered a loss of over $26 million based on fraudulent prescriptions and orders signed by Dr. Roethle.”

It’s that fucking federal government, meddling in Alana’s commercial and Scott’s medical practice!

Oh – and Alana seems to run Scott’s office.


UPDATE: Scott Roethle had apparently already piled up quite a few state disciplinary actions before the federal government took notice.

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