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Up Close and Personal with…….

……… an anti-vaxer.


‘[A reporter] approached [an anti-vaxer at a rally] and queried, “Maybe you can help me out: I’m seeing signs that say, ‘Vaccine Mandates Are Fascism,’ and also signs that say, ‘Vaccine Mandates Are Communism.’ Which one is it?”

“It’s both,” she replied.

“It’s both? Those are diametrically-opposed ideologies,” he countered.

“I don’t think it’s communism—I think it’s more like a dictatorship, like we’re living in a Nazi Germany and the only thing that’s missing is the camps and the gas,” she argued.

“That’s what’s happening right now? Because you can’t go to a concert?” [the reporter] asked.

“I can’t go to a concert… I can’t go to a gym…” she reasoned.

“Do you think that’s what it was like in Nazi Germany? People were bitching about not going to a gym?”’

Margaret Soltan, August 23, 2021 9:06PM
Posted in: kind of a little weird

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