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For two months in 1960, before UD’s father moved the family to London for his immunology fellowship…

… all six Rapps camped through Europe in a VW camper van.

We’ve finally gotten around to updating our ancient glass slides to the twenty-first century, so here are a few images from that time. Thanks go to my sister for getting this done.

The lot of us in a campsite who knows where. Probably Germany. UD’s the only one not eating.
Somewhat posed, with my older sister (pigtails) looking like Paul McCartney. I always think she looks like Paul McCartney. Adorable younger sister offers crinkly smile from inside the camper van.
This picture, of freezing, knobby-kneed, bravely smiling children in the Alps tells you much about UD‘s parents and also UD, who has referred to herself more than once on this blog as the Anti-Martha Stewart. Captain Von Trapp over in the background has the right idea, but I mean what sort of parents throw their kids out of the car in the middle of an Alpine snowstorm and make them pose for a picture? Charmingly spontaneous, adorably clueless, fundamentally underprepared parents …

Margaret Soltan, August 27, 2021 3:43PM
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