Melbourne’s ultraorthodox perform dangerous rooftop sprints at night!

First, a diversionary ultra-team places itself in front of the team’s synagogue so police think they’re up to no good; then, while police aren’t watching, other ultras scale the synagogue roof and enter the building (breaking lock-down orders).

When police get wise to the ruse, ultras inside the building race back up to the roof and then escape the police by running along other Melbourne rooftops!

The so-called “Piety Pentathlon” incorporates

  1. scaling a building
  2. climbing into the building from the roof
  3. climbing back up to the roof
  4. racing across rooftops
  5. climbing down from rooftops

Spectators are amazed.

A neighbour, who identified himself as Brent but declined to provide a surname, said he had seen several men enter the building in the same way over the past fortnight.

“I wasn’t around on Tuesday, but this has been going on for a while now, and often happens around early evening. It’s just bizarre,” he said.

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