Like many Americans, UD tends to consider the US more interesting/amusing than Canada. But, curled up with Mr UD last night to watch the Canadian election returns, she heard for the first time about MLA Will Amos (shouldn’t have been the first time, but the story was, typically, under-reported here) who on a parliamentary zoom session paraded nude in front of that, er, body.

He apologized for the incident, and then, shortly afterward, on another parliamentary zoom session, he whipped it out again and peed into a coffee cup.

This time, his, uh, staff reported, he was going to receive “help for stress and time management.”


Yes, yes, a high-profile American journalist masturbated on a zoom session, and qua act, public self-abuse earns more points than public self-exposure/micturation. Unfortunately for us, however, Jeffrey Toobin’s lack of imaginative scope (he did the deed in front of a smattering of colleagues and interview subjects, not in front of, for instance, the US Senate) lands his act squarely in second place.

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