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Eastman is, somehow, both a lawyer and a senior fellow at a research institute. He’s also a disgrace to the profession. His memo [arguing that Pence should simply declare Trump re-elected] is at once rife with falsehoods, childlike in its reasoning and deadly dangerous in its proposed application. Eastman needs to face consequences. State licensing authorities should review his fitness to practice law. Congress needs to demand answers, issuing a subpoena to compel Eastman to testify if necessary. And the Justice Department must, at a minimum, open a criminal investigation to determine whether Eastman’s proposed actions constituted conspiracy to violate federal election laws. If nobody takes action, then Eastman will fade into memory as just another unhinged conspiracy theorist who proposed dangerous abuses of power to serve Trump’s whims, and then walked away unscathed.

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One Response to “‘According to [University of Colorado] officials, [conspiracy theorist John] Eastman’s two spring courses had already been cancelled due to low enrollments (two students were enrolled in one course, and six in the other). He will continue to be paid the balance of his $185,000 salary through the end of his appointment on May 7…’”

  1. University Diaries » Whoa! Meine Kleine George Washington University EMPLOYS the Dude! Says:

    […] go here is boycott. Recall that both of John Eastman’s classes during a visiting gig at the University of Colorado were cancelled due to virtually no enrollment. Think of the movement at Harvard Law to make the […]

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