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The latest boy-slaughter will prompt a round-up of a few of the killers. A pointless trial will ensue, and none of them will go to jail.

Because America loves its fraternities, especially in l’Age de Trump, where it’s all about bullies and booze and Berettas. Identifying a loser and making him drink whiskey til he dies in agony is as American as apple pie, a rite of passage into manhood or into the beyond. When it gets so bad that 2,000 students rally against the Greek system, schools okay right well yeah we’ll look into the situation… Slap a wrist here and there for sure, and if much of the nationwide system features sophisticated drug operations protected by firearms, rampant rape, and the singling out of losers – people desperate to belong to our club – for death by poisoning, so be it. These boys represent the best of America.


Now down south they got that famous frat/football nexus, and that’s a hell of a thing to watch in action.

Margaret Soltan, September 28, 2021 10:38AM
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