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Arash of Plagiarism

For details of the latest, AMAZING, academic plagiarism, it helps to read French. Because even though attorney/politician Arash Derambarsh’s cut and paste d√©finitivement rises to the level of English-language-world interest, someone has decided it won’t travel well. Listen up to realize just how wrong that is.

  1. Almost every word of his dissertation, at deadhead Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, is plagiarized.
  2. Just in case anyone might look at it, he somehow got the university to agree to keep it secret for thirty years – because it contains incredibly sensitive, high-level, top-secret material, see.
  3. For its part, the university assigned as his committee various buddies and non-specialists, all of whom – vive la France – passed the thesis with flying colors.
  4. Someone managed to get hold of the thing, despite its ultra-top-secret status, and determined that it was entirely plagiarized, which forced the hand of deadhead Paris I, which began an investigation. Investigators were unable to find “the missing mandatory report on the defense (which legally has to be entered into the academic record for a PhD to be valid).” Derambarsh’s thesis advisor advised that it “was in a computer that had been stolen.”
  5. Arash submitted to the investigators an entirely different piece of writing, this one cleansed of copying. Ballsy.
  6. The thesis was voided; Derambarsh may never again register at any French university for any course of study.
  7. He’s been disbarred.

Margaret Soltan, October 28, 2021 8:20AM
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