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‘Heinel, a USC senior associate athletic director, [indeed the highest-ranking woman in the USC athletics department,] helped dozens of wealthy parents by admitting rising college freshman as recruited athletes. According to [a Netflix] documentary, Heinel would hold biweekly meetings with members from admissions to provide a list of these students with padded credentials on their resume; in exchange, Singer would pay Heinel a monthly fee of $20,000, a bribe that would inevitably spell [the] end of her career.’

UD’s always shocked to find career criminals in high – sometimes the highest! – positions in American universities. Of course Greek universities, for instance, are overrun with administrator/larcenists; but us guys? L’il us?

Donna Heinel will plead guilty; she has put her bribecile in Long Beach on the market, as her real estate agent explains:

Putting the scandal and its legal ramifications aside, this lovely little Long Beach three-story villa is sure to make quite the splash of its own …

Margaret Soltan, November 5, 2021 2:08PM
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