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A Walmart in Waukegan

A Supermarket in California!

A Walmart in Waukegan!


What thoughts I have of you tonight

Walt Whitman, Allen Ginsberg

As I scan the parking lot

Of the Walmart in Waukegan


Two strangers in SUVs met

On that fruited plain

They blew each other away

With their Glocks


As one they shot; as one staggered

Into their SUVs

As one staggered

Into the local emergency room

As one were arrested


O Whitman, O Ginsberg! O Walmart Waukegan parking lot!

I stagger beside you, dreaming of the lost America of love

Past blue automobiles in driveways, home to our silent cottage

Margaret Soltan, February 20, 2022 10:25AM
Posted in: guns, poem

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