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Netrebko says she’s just a dummy, and Abramovich gives millions to Yad Vashem.

Putain’s money whores and fascist whores are scurrying like тараканы, seeking a safe place under the sink while the… unpleasantness… in Ukraine works itself out. A longtime, active supporter of her idol’s Russian aggression throughout Europe, the opera singer now declares herself “not a political person,” and begs to continue warbling. Look what they’ve done to my song, Vlad!

Chelsea football owner Roman Abramovich has tended to get lost among the much more insane and violent Putainists in European football (Ivan Savvidis, Putain-lover and would-be referee-slaughterer, I’m looking at you!), but now he’s handed control (he retains ownership) of the team to others, and hopes that transferring millions of Putainist dollars to Yad Vashem (ethnic cleansing cleansing) will save him. On the dead bodies of Jews, I shall rise like a phoenix.

Margaret Soltan, February 27, 2022 4:32AM
Posted in: just plain gross

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