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This is an email Mr UD just got, from a Ukrainian professor.

‘Dear Karol:

Many thanks for your care.

I am in central Ukraine at the moment. Getting here was very hard but it is not so bad compared to the situation in Kharkiv, where my mom is staying still.

I try to coordinate humanitarian aid supplies from Poltava to Kharkiv, where people are close to getting starved. Despite air strike alarms here I also try to provide the Western media with comments as well as instruct foreign people how they can escape. Also we try to provide assistance for those who drive from the East to the West.

If Kharkiv is occupied, I will go to Europe and will seek political asylum. At the moment I am here in my country and do my best to help people. Civilians and army are all together; every Ukrainian is my hero at the moment.

You can’t even imagine how strong civil society is.

Glory to Ukraine’

Margaret Soltan, February 28, 2022 4:25PM
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