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Putilia: The Mad Scene.

[A bunker in the Urals]

Soldier: He is importunate, indeed distract:
His mood will needs be pitied.

Oligarch: What would he have?

Soldier: He speaks much of Holy Mother Russia; says he hears

There’s tricks ‘i the world: and hems, and beats his heart.

[Enter Putilia.]

Oligarch: How now, Putilia?

Putilia: Lord, we know what we want, but know not
what we may get…

[Sings] Then up I rose, and struck my pose
And broke the Ukraine’s door.
Let in the blood! Let in the death!

And then depart no more…

Ghost of Tsar Nicholas: Pretty Putilia!

Putilia: Indeed, la, without a ruble, I’ll make an end on’t.

I hope all will be well. We must be patient: but I
cannot choose but weep, to think they should place Aeroflot
in the cold cold ground. Good night, sweet ladies

Good night, good night.

Margaret Soltan, March 1, 2022 10:20PM
Posted in: extracts

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