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Sung to the Tune of You Can’t Get a Man With a Gun
Mother Russia was robbed by us fellas they say.
That's why we've got such wonderful yachts.
Give a little to charity?  No, nyet, and nay!
 We're spending each ruble we got.

 We docked in Ibiza, but then they said 'ey, please-ah:
All di Rusos get out: bye bye! 
Then we pondered it - Hum... hum... Where is the place for pond scum?
And the answer was clear: Dubai!

... Yes, Dubai!  Yes, Dubai!
For there's nothing too vile for Dubai!
Ukrainians die and our money piles high
Come one and come all to Dubai.
Margaret Soltan, March 16, 2022 1:35PM
Posted in: just plain gross

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