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Arizona GOP Chairperson Smelli Turd Issues Party Directive Over Disgraceful January 6 Hearings Performance of Rusty Bowers

Chairperson Turd has just issued a video of her crouching, naked, over a picture of Rusty Bowers and defecating on his face. “Ah… That’s better. And now to finish this off the Arizona way!” she yells. Someone off-camera hands her an AK-47. “RINO hunting never felt SO GOOD!” She empties the weapon into his picture, tearing up bits of the floor with the weapon. “Let me say to all true Arizona Republicans,” she concludes: “It’s too late to go after Rusty’s dead daughter. But he’s still got plenty of family and friends left. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.”


UPDATE: OOpsie! Smelli gets subpoenied!

Margaret Soltan, June 23, 2022 6:25AM
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