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Impeach Clarence Thomas.

“… Congress can impeach and there has to be a basis to do so… Justice Thomas, who is now saying that marriage equality, that birth control, that all these rights suddenly are at risk, should be impeached for his involvement in election-related cases. He has breached the public’s trust. His wife literally was involved in the attempted violent overthrow of the U.S. government.”

— Jena Griswold, Colorado Secretary of State

Sign here.

Discussion. This article was written a week ago and noted that there were 236,000 signatures. There are now 248,205.

… Five minutes later: 248, 337.

… Five minutes later: 248, 437.


Later, that same day: 251,075.

Margaret Soltan, June 25, 2022 7:46AM
Posted in: democracy

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