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The Ashley Biden Diary that Project Veritas THOUGHT it was …


(‘In a court document setting out the charges, prosecutors said Mr. Kurlander had texted Ms. Harris in September 2020 saying that Project Veritas was “in a sketchy business and here they are taking what’s literally a stolen diary and info” and attempting to turn it into a story that would ruin Ms. Biden’s life “and try and affect the election.”’)



15 Jan 2020

… And if it ever came out that Mom arranged the “crash” that killed Dad’s first wife! Jesus. “I did it because I loved your father so much, Ash. Have you ever truly been in love? Then you’d understand.” I said I’m sorry Mom I still love you but I don’t understand.

29 Jan 2020

Here I am trying to get over my addictions, trying to get grounded in reality, and Michelle Obama visits me at the treatment center, ushers me into a private room, and pulls out her penis????? Alex Jones was effing right and now Project Get Ashley Pulled Together Again goes right back to the drawing board. My head is spinning. “Hillary’s is even bigger,” M. cackled as she left.

14 Feb 2020

Apparently a recent dispute btw France and England involving fishing rights off Jersey was inches away from nuclear war when Trump intervened diplomatically at great personal risk. Dad says Trump made a secret trip to Jersey, where he gathered the warring parties and made a speech about how “this can’t be the sole solution; let’s not clam up” (plenty of laughter here apparently, which broke the ice and made everything else possible).

“If people knew about this,” Dad said with a sober expression, “history would acknowledge Trump as America’s greatest president.”

Margaret Soltan, August 25, 2022 4:03PM
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