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Yesli Vega, Republican Candidate for Virginia’s 7th District (Pictured)…

… is a wife, mother, and anti-abortion fanatic. You don’t get more NO EXCEPTIONS than Yesli, whose views were recently featured in an ABC news report. Let’s see…

[T]here should be no abortion even in the case of rape. A woman does not sit and get raped without wanting it… There can be no conception as a result of rape. [A woman’s body prevents pregnancies from rape because] it’s not something that’s happening organically [and the rapist is doing it] quickly.

As to possible deaths of mothers, Yesli says let God sort it out…


Yes, yes, as you see I’m doing a mashup of Yesli and Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Dodoni; and that’s because once Virginia voters vote her in, they will essentially be living under the rule of a mentally unbalanced Greek bishop.

Margaret Soltan, September 2, 2022 5:23PM
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