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‘[A]n easygoing existence that once revolved around seashell hunts, shrimping, turtle-watching, taking in sunsets over the Gulf, and the ebb and flow of a seasonal tourist economy ha[s] been obliterated.’

[S]ome residents of Fort Myers Beach trickled back on foot, pulling wagons and carts over the Matanzas Pass Bridge in the hopes of salvaging what they could from what was once their homes. 

… [A group of] Sanibel residents wanted to ride out in a boat since the bridge was impassable, but the marina was so jammed with storm-tossed boats that [they] did not think [they] could safely navigate


As if they’ve gone back in time.

Margaret Soltan, October 1, 2022 8:03AM
Posted in: snapshots from sanibel

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