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‘[Y]ou can’t escape from the sight of the gradual public deconstruction of modesty norms. If you are motivated to remain loyal to the [Iranian] Islamic Republic, you can’t rationalize it away nor can you live in denial of it. And since you (the ultra-religious supporter of the regime) are raised to think that it is the duty of women to prevent you from sensing arousal and being tempted to sin, you cannot ignore the fact that the city has become much more titillating, which you will interpret as directly hostile to your own spiritual well-being.’

[T]he regime should have let go of hijab,… even if we consider nothing but its self-interest in surviving. The younger generation would have persisted in their blissful political inactivity, and the poor horny basijis would have soon learned to acclimate to the new situation, their libido subconsciously adjusting to the new normal.

It’s all so neat and easy. What’s so hard to understand? You remove girls’ clitorises so they don’t sexually excite themselves; you remove their hair, faces, and bodies from the public realm so they don’t excite men. Women happily, proudly wear the hijab, because “it is the duty of women.” Men protect their spiritual well-being by draping cloth over women and numbing women’s capacity to feel anything sexual, thus making them even less threatening to men’s spiritual well-being. A beautiful world any of us would wish to live in.

Or, you know, failing that – a really … interesting, different world we would never think of judging.

Margaret Soltan, October 4, 2022 10:44AM
Posted in: end the erasure of women

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