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Here’s what’s gonna happen. You can totally get away with this shit in Israel. In Israel, the ultra-orthodox practically run the place. So expect America’s ultra-orthodox establishment to begin discussions about moving their inculcating-ignorance and stealing-public-money operation to that country.

It’s always been a little dicey, trying to get away with failing to educate your children, and stealing taxpayer money, in America, a country with a meaningful law enforcement establishment. Massive systemic welfare fraud as a way of life occasionally gets you in trouble in this country — just ask Lakewood NJ’s rabbi and his flock.

And now the major ultraorthodox yeshiva in New York City has to pay back eight million of the ten million it stole from the state through truly remarkable, contemptible, long-term, deceit. Which this blog will not detail (it violates our obscenity standards), but by all means read the article yourself.


Why is UD confident they’ll keep stealing? It’s structural, babe. You educate a community to feel no affiliation with the US beyond lockstep voting as their rabbi instructs them … whaddaya think’s gonna happen? The “US” – that abstraction out there – exists to provide money for one’s life of grand and petty crime, and there’s nothing at all wrong with devoutly pious God-fearers lying and cheating and swindling THAT thing, that vacuous entity out there that can be made to discharge money. It’s just the way they think, and that is that.

That’s the problem with cults; and it’s why self-respecting governments surveil and, when the fraud gets too too too much, pursue them legally.

Margaret Soltan, October 24, 2022 8:07PM
Posted in: forms of religious experience

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