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It’s a cult. As is true of most cults, the leaders of course get to use the children sexually.

In the unlikely event that one of their clueless terrified sex slaves actually even comes to understand the nature of what’s happening to them, and then actually has the courage to complain to someone about it, all of the other cult leaders will hush it up and let the abuser keep abusing. Their cult leader friends in the government will cover it up further if it needs further covering up.

Maybe when one of the many abusers- like Zvi Tau – gets to be 85 years old, enjoying the deep sexual satisfaction of decades of raping children, one of his victims finally decides to give complaining about it another try. She does embarrassing things like stage solitary protests in front of the Knesset, which only shows how insane she is and how her claims are pathetic delusions poor woman.

But then other similar psychos come forward with the same story and a few respectable rabbis back their claims and call for an investigation. Here’s one woman describing the esteemed sage in action:

“I was a new immigrant, my parents were abroad, I was all alone,” she said, explaining that she met the Taus through social gatherings and friends. She became close with Tau’s first wife, Channa Tau, and practically became part of the family, according to her testimony.

‘“One day I was in the kitchen, putting things away when he came in and closed the door behind him. He grabbed me, pulled my underwear down, and undressed,” she recollected.

“At one point, I woke up, I realized what was happening and kicked him in the groin. I ran to the balcony because he had closed the door and managed to escape without my underwear,” she said.

“I got home and just froze. I think I stayed like that for two days,” she said.’

What wisdom. To go after the most vulnerable.


But look at Israel’s current government, folks! Nobody’s going to get in the way of all the wise eminent rabbis who rape! The Israeli authorities are going to let Zvi go to his well-deserved heavenly rest.

And remember: It’s not criminal. It’s not child abuse. In a cult it’s godly. It’s only the disgusting dirty secular world that doesn’t understand this.

Margaret Soltan, November 11, 2022 11:12AM
Posted in: forms of religious experience

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