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‘Multiple Students are Dead from Virginia and Idaho University Campuses’

UVa remains sheltered in place; a football recruit killed three and injured two. UD will go ahead and guess that this was some sort of weekend party/drunken fight that got crazy, but it’s of course too soon to know much.

[Update: The shooting took place in an on-campus parking garage, so the motive might have been a dispute between drivers. Road rage…?]

The Idaho details suggest the shooter (if this was about shooting; it certainly sounds like it, though a different weapon might have been used) is dead at the scene. (The Virginia killer is at large and since he’s heavily armed, with his photo in every paper, and everyone in the world is looking for him, UD’s gonna guess he’ll kill himself.) This one sounds more personal – a nutty vindictive ex-lover? – but we’ll see. Someone reported seeing an unconscious person and called the police, which maybe means at least one of the bodies was outside the off-campus house. Trying to flee? Or the body of the killer?

Both events could be as simple as someone turned away from a party, pissed about it, and returning with one of his big ol’ guns.

My blog post title comes from NPR‘s coverage. It’s America, so we have to bundle these stories.


UPDATE: He killed this UVa football player.

UPDATE: He also killed Lavel Davis, Jr., another player.

UPDATE: The third person killed, Devin Chandler, was also a football player.


Virginia shooter is in custody. Could his motive have been resentment? He’s apparently never been an active player; he killed three active players.

Sounds as though some sort of fight broke out, or words were exchanged, on a bus returning to campus from a class field trip to DC to see a play.

Margaret Soltan, November 14, 2022 6:20AM
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