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SO many red flags. UVa needs to prepare for multiple negligence lawsuits from parents of the players he killed.

[The shooter] had been investigated by campus officials in September after someone reported [he] made a comment about owning a gun…

[The shooter] was also involved in a hazing investigation on campus …

[A spokesman further noted the university] learned of a prior criminal incident involving a concealed weapon violation that occurred outside the city of Charlottesville in February of 2021…

[The shooter] was required to report that to the University, but he never did. The University’s judicial council took over the case and the results are still pending.

Blah blah this and that this and that and we’re kinda still kinda looking into it. Told people about his weaponry; involved in hazing; criminal incident involving concealment lalalalala….


This is what happens when guns are absolutely everywhere. When there are practically four hundred million civilian-owned guns in your country, you’re unlikely to give the issue your, uh, full attention. For many Americans, guns seem to have about the status of a household appliance. I mean, who cares.



UVa Knew of Gun Conviction Against Student

Before Triple Murder

But Never Started Discipline Process


This will cost the school gobs of money.

Margaret Soltan, November 14, 2022 12:38PM
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