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When you’re staring straight in the face at, say, a BILLION dollar reduction in your endowment, you need to take action.

Harvard’s goal of a one hundred billion dollar endowment is in serious jeopardy this morning, as outside pressure on the Kennedy School threatens to alienate donors. The school denied a fellowship to a distinguished human rights advocate for fear that his critical remarks about Israel would offend Jewish benefactors, which would in turn significantly set back the Hundred Bill. for Harvard! campaign. But free speech advocates are fighting back in defense of the controversial candidate for the fellowship.


Lord knows why anyone is critical of Israel.


Harvard’s response to the controversy has been quick. “We’re already well on our way to 55 billion,” commented Gerald Symington, head of the HBH campaign, “and doubling that is far from an impossible dream. Imagine what just one school with a modest enrollment could do with that sort of money! We can’t afford to let Israel critics derail us from our dream.”


Oh, okayyyyy…. We’ll give him the fellowship after all. But he better watch his mouth!

Margaret Soltan, January 11, 2023 12:48PM
Posted in: harvard: foreign and domestic policy

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