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See now Japan is currently demonstrating the problem with being a patriarchy. I mean, go right ahead, be a patriarchy, but when you patriarchically decide to lecture the little ladies on how they have to figure out a way to get their husbands to fuck them so as to be impregnated by them or else the country’s going to shrivel up and demographically die… they might not listen to you! They’re downtrodden, see, you downtrodded them, and they hate you because you’re the fucking Japanese patriarchy. See? So when they tell you to shove it up your ass you shouldn’t be too surprised.

When they tell you YOU get knocked up and make Japanese babies you stupid motherfuckers, you shouldn’t be offended because you’re the ones who make life hell for Japanese women and now you want to make it more hellacious by burdening them with children in a nauseatingly patriarchal state.

I mean, take a look at Hungary, boys! Same deal. How’s Hungary doing as it frantically tries to get its dick up the national vaginal canal?

Short answer: Not well.

Margaret Soltan, January 25, 2023 2:18PM
Posted in: How We Learn

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