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“I was talking about Virginia Tech. My partner is from Virginia, and she said she didn’t think she could go there because of what had happened there. But we both went to MSU, so now we’re the same as all those other schools.”

A Michigan State student who spent hours terrified, hiding in the dark, while one of many Americans working out his personal issues via mass slaughter killed people around her, registers her loss of innocence. Oh. Here too.

Here there everywhere. Everything everywhere all at once.

Also perhaps that particular American accounting: We only lost three. Virginia Tech was 32.


Her partner rejected Va Tech because of the unbearable pathos/enduring stigma. You can’t forget the way that 76 year old professor died for his students… Or the sickening gun-toting photograph of the madman – mad boy – who did it… Maybe you know enough to know about yet other murders and lockdowns on that campus.

Enough already. Who needs it. Go someplace with at least a lower body count. Better chance to get out after four years alive, or not critically wounded. It’s like figuring out your chance of getting out of Baylor not raped.

Oh well. Enough of that. Back to the Murdaugh trial.

Margaret Soltan, February 14, 2023 7:39AM
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