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What does it mean to live in an arboretum?

If it’s UD’s Garrett Park, it means that yesterday morning there’s a knock at the door by a man identifying himself as “the town arborist.” Of course UD knows Phil Normandy, who leads regular town walks where he updates GPers on newly planted trees, dead and dying trees, rare and exotic finds, etc.

“Margaret, letting you know the town’s planting two trees in front of your house.” The town right of way extends fifteen feet into what you might call our front yard. It’s up to the town what it does with it, and what it’s doing with it is planting — free of charge to Les UDs, of course — two very beautiful trees for us to gaze at from our front windows:

  1. American Fringe tree, female (with blue berries!)
  2. Siebold Magnolia, variety Colossus.
The magnolia.
Fringe tree.

Margaret Soltan, March 3, 2023 9:12AM
Posted in: snapshots from home

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