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‘Let He who is Without Sin Spit the First Gob.’ John 8:7

Texas Tech, one of America’s scummiest schools, recently hired, at an incredible multimillion salary, a basketball coach who quotes Bible verses to black players about slaves serving their masters, and who spits on players who annoy him.

Beslaved and bespitted players have complained to the AD about the dude, and he’s been suspended, but he sure as heck ain’t apologizing for citing the Good Book, which of course has WHAT to say about slaves, and the spitting was cuz he had a cold and was, er, dribbling.

TTU’s national ranking has gone from 176 in 2018 to 219 today. Solution: Spend more money on sports!

Margaret Soltan, March 6, 2023 11:27AM
Posted in: sport

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