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Since guns are now as ubiquitous as dust under the carpet, we can expect news organizations to be reviewing their ‘newsworthy’ standards…

… and deciding that, say, any story about a gun found in a school (elementary, middle, high) is no longer worth covering (see? a pointless infinite scroll down).

Gunplay among neonates in hospital bassinet rooms will continue to be covered, but only with fatalities.

Examples of still-newsworthy gun incidents would include one airplane passenger carrying in his checked luggage

a. one ASP expandable baton;
b. one spring loaded knife;
c. one Axon taser X26, bearing serial number X00-051402, which contained three deployable prongs;
d. one .40 caliber Glock 22 handgun, bearing serial number XMC085;
e. one .308 caliber DPMS Panther Arms rifle, bearing serial number 13827.

And carrying on his person

two .40 caliber Glock magazines, each containing fifteen rounds of .40 caliber ammunition. A further search … revealed a ballistic vest carrier that displayed the words “Deputy Marshal.”

Margaret Soltan, March 8, 2023 8:08AM
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