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Wyoming Watches As Colorado Is On Verge

Of Passing Sweeping Gun Control Legislation

“None of them (the gun control bills) are good,” [warned Jeremy Haroldson, R-Wheatland.] “But the worst is one placing liability on manufacturers for third-party crimes, which, in my opinion, is absolutely reckless.”

Haroldson said Wyomingites should keep a cautious eye on what’s happening in Colorado. 

“My issue is, how can a state like Colorado, which even 15 years ago had a conservative logic toward gun regulation, get to the place where it is now?” he said.


Theories as to how Wyoming’s neighboring cowboy-y state has gotten to the place where it is now abound; most popular, in Yee-Haw Country, involves a triumvirate of Jews, headed by anti-gun-fanatic Michael Bloomberg (the other two are George Soros and Hillary Clinton, who claims not to be Jewish). Colorado represents Stage One of their multi-state conspiracy to sap America’s vital fluids by weakening gun laws to such an extent that we lose our will to protect our freedoms, clearing the way for the Norwegian Socialist Forces.

Margaret Soltan, March 11, 2023 2:27PM
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