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Where’s Larry?

Everyone’s been looking for Larry for two years, and all this time he’s been hiding in plain sight among his fellow undergraduate fellows in the James Madison Program at Princeton University.

Woke locales at Princeton might produce some obnoxious disrupters of campus speeches given by conservatives; the Madison Program houses a violent seditionist, someone the FBI has been tracking down for two years!

Now that he’s been captured and is preparing for trial, it will be interesting to know whether the dude is more broadly violent. Like was his ecstasy at being part of a mob injuring police officers confined to just that one event, or has he found other outlets?

We might never know. But the lad is articulate, and has a lot to say. Let’s look forward to his Patrick Henry moments in front of the judge.

Margaret Soltan, March 15, 2023 9:01AM
Posted in: ADA DOOM

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