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‘[O]rganized groups of young people have swept through neighborhoods and areas around sports arenas, looking for weapons left under car seats or in unlocked center consoles or glove compartments. Their work is occasionally made easier by motorists who advertise their right to bear arms with car window stickers promoting favored gun brands …’

“You’ve got a Prius with a unicorn sticker or a big F250 with a Glock sticker,” [a Houston police sergeant] said, referring to the popular Ford pickup truck. “Which one is more likely to get broken into?”

LOL. Plastering Glock stickers…

Gun theft from cars is super-rampant all over the country, but most drivers refuse to use gun lockboxes in their vehicles.


Cuz oh go fuck yourself.

Margaret Soltan, March 26, 2023 2:17AM
Posted in: guns

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