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More fun ahead.

‘Copycat behavior is very common, in fact. Anecdotal evidence strongly indicates that threats increase in schools nationwide after a shooting has occurred anywhere in the United States.’ [Professor Mary Ellen] O’Toole encouraged students, teachers, other school staff and police to ‘be more vigilant in noting disturbing students’ behavior’ …

That’s the problem, ain’t it? The massacrist’s best friend knew she was suicidal and generally unstable, but we all have difficulty imagining that being an edgy introverted and self-destructive person with identity issues could ever have anything to do with seeking out children for slaughter. Sue Klebold was aware her son tended toward depression, and, more dire, had as his best friend a person she correctly identified as truly mentally disturbed. Of course she also knew her son had been in trouble with the law. She could never have imagined it added up to Columbine.

Other massacrists, like Adam Lanza, lived in virtually total isolation in their houses; in Lanza’s case, only his dippy, gun-mad, mother had access to the paranoid monster he’d become. And as for in-school monsters-in-waiting, most of us run away from scary people, while the thought of the vengeance they’d exact if they found out we reported them stays our hand.

But these days, when you have in your university class (as I once did when I taught at GW) a student who, session after session, displays in her behavior and comments a rather scary pre-psychotic orientation, you’ve got to think guns. You’ve got to tell campus security.

Margaret Soltan, March 28, 2023 10:57AM
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