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‘It wasn’t clear which rival gang would be the likely target of a revenge attack by the Bandidos. The Waterdogs have only six members and appear to be a club focused on riding motorcycles, instead of flaunting the law…’

As we await the next biker gang mass shooting in America, let us recall the all-important distinction between FLAUNT and FLOUT.

Flaunt is a verb that means to show off or display proudly, often in an ostentatious manner. For example: She likes to flaunt her wealth by driving a flashy car.

Flout is a verb that means to openly disregard or disrespect a law, rule, or convention. For example: He was arrested for flouting the city’s curfew.

I think we can agree that the writer in my headline meant FLOUTING.

Margaret Soltan, June 5, 2023 7:32PM
Posted in: Scathing Online Schoolmarm

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