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Bye, Abaya.

If you insist on swaddling your females from age 0 to 100, that’s your private business; but secular states like France are perfectly free to reject female-swaddling as a mode of self-display in various parts of the public realm.

Which France has now done: No student enrolled in a state school can hide her provocative eight year old curves under the copious folds of the modesty robe.

As with France’s burqa ban ten years ago, this one will generate a spot of outrage (and lots of support) and then disappear as an issue. You can’t fight city hall when city hall represents the will of a very strong secular majority (think also of Quebec).

One can only hope that, liberated to move through her school day without her male-inflaming face and body fully covered, this or that young girl will grow up with the conviction that she represents a free and equal member of a modern society.

Margaret Soltan, August 28, 2023 7:54AM
Posted in: end the erasure of women

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