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‘The war of religion that officially began in Israel on Yom Kippur this year will be ugly. In Tel Aviv and perhaps other Israeli cities the tolerance for outposts of intolerant Judaism has run out.’

There is no way now to bridge the divide between those who saw the events of Yom Kippur in Tel Aviv and other cities across Israel as an attempt by religious fanatics to defy the High Court ruling and force gender-separation on a liberal city, and those who saw there radical secularists preventing Jews from holding a sacred event.

Yes, absurdly enough for such a small country, people are talking about the separation of populations.

UD is heart and soul with the Tel Avivians, but she wonders how many will want to keep fighting the fight. Large numbers of rational, self-respecting people are leaving Israel, and who can blame them.

Margaret Soltan, September 25, 2023 7:59PM
Posted in: forms of religious experience

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