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 ‘A $100 million [high school] stadium [in a district that already has a great stadium] should come as a shock only to those who haven’t been paying attention. It’s as Texas as Dr Pepper and the Alamo.’

‘As a non-native, I can’t relate. My high school football team held all its practices on an open field in New York’s Central Park.

At our team’s games, we didn’t sit in a massive stadium, but on old rickety bleachers. We never had a home game because we never had a home field.

But we excelled in book learning. Every one of my classmates was accepted by a college.

I know times have changed, but $100 million goes a long way in education.’

Oh shush. We all don’t need some New Yorker come down here tell us how to live like we should care we’re 35th among states in education blahblah. We’ll get that thing built and fuck you.


UD thanks John, a reader, for the link.

Margaret Soltan, September 28, 2023 12:11PM
Posted in: sport

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