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It’s the sort of thing that happens in the most murderous state in America.

A university football player in Louisiana is shot to death, so traumatizing his team that the coach calls off the rest of the season and then resigns.

The thing about constant gun deaths is that eventually everything around them gets shut down. As we speak, Lewiston Maine is shut down; all of its citizens are crouching inside their houses. People in bloody Albuquerque routinely avoid public places. And Louisiana! Don’t get no bloodier than Louisiana.

Not hard to see that in a few years what UD calls Munitions Migration will occur on a large scale here. Of course individuals have always moved away from bullet-riddled neighborhoods in search of safety; I’m talking about a large social trend involving massive flight from fully gunned-up landscapes.

Margaret Soltan, October 27, 2023 1:53PM
Posted in: guns

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