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‘Students, including a Jewish student who asked to leave but was not permitted to do so, were instructed to close their eyes and raise their arms in prayer, according to the lawsuit. The teens were asked to give their lives over to Jesus to find purpose and salvation. Students said they were told that those who did not follow the Bible would “face eternal torment.”‘

Welcome to the West Virginia public school system, where a high school principal forced all students to listen to a mentally retarded preacher while performing a mandatory Jesus Wave.

Guy probly knowd he shouldnt but the spirit of the Lord was too strong within him to resist offering escape from eternal torment TO EVERYONE. EVEN JEWS.

And you know what? Ifn he aint been fired he’ll do it again.


Even with this here lawsuit settlement, which institutes “a policy mandating annual religious freedom training” (LOL) and other shit like that, I’m figuring this principal – if he aint been fired – caint help hisself cuz ever time he looks at them poor Jews it just bout breaks his heart thinking of their organs dropping off into the fire.

Margaret Soltan, October 28, 2023 10:16AM
Posted in: forms of religious experience

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