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It took almost TEN YEARS to nail Charlie Adelson…

… the absurdly obvious murderer of FSU law professor Dan Markel. That’s an awfully long time.

Markel, you recall, had to die for the sin of wanting to share custody of his children with his ex-wife. Had to bleed out, alone, in his car, from two gunshot wounds to the head.

While his body was still warm, his ex-wife – sister of his murderer – whisked the kids away to another part of Florida and instantly dropped their Markel last name and changed it to her name. I mean, didn’t miss a beat.

And was she – not to mention her mother – also involved in the murder? The prosecutor’s closing statement points in that direction. So maybe the opera ain’t over.

Anyway. UD would love to know WHY Adelson got a decade of freedom before his life sentence. Did it really take that long to establish a case against an absurdly obvious murderer?


Um, and if the rest of the family was in on the murder, don’t you think child protective services should pay the Adelsons a visit? Markel’s parents and sister live in Toronto, and seem to UD a rather better custody choice than a pack of… well, we’ll see.

Margaret Soltan, November 6, 2023 11:29PM
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