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“Football players shouldn’t be forced to get baptized to play football.”

Well, now… hold it right there. There’s a long tradition, in our most benighted states (West Virginia, Georgia), of public school teachers and coaches and hey even principals, marching all the kids off during school hours to Preacher Dimsdale in the auditorium or on the playing field. Dimsdale will dunk them in baptismal waters or instruct them to perform a group Jesus Wave — unless of course they want their dicks to shrivel, rot, and fall into the fires of hell FOREVER.

Separation of church and state? Coercion?

Who said coercion? How can it be coercion when you’re fifteen years old, dumb, and desperate to please your coach because all you want to do is play college ball? That sounds like informed consent to me.

But some malcontent heard tell bout Coach Dunkin’ and his wet ways and complained to the Freedom from Religion folks and uh oh.

Margaret Soltan, November 17, 2023 7:37AM
Posted in: forms of religious experience

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