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I knew Pain Quotidien’s Chai would be pathetic compared to Teaism’s…

… but PQ was on my route back to the metro from the Natural History Museum…

where UD failed to have anything like the spiritual experience she’s been having during her early morning visits to the National Gallery of Art, West Wing.

No surprise there: The art excites, room after room, the startle of beauty, which deepens into the shock of seeing

Which in turn reveals the human all too human in flagrante.


And although longtime readers know UD has a thing for geology, even the most, well, aesthetic rocks

fail to … transport your blogeuse. (Granite, With Orbicular Structure, Virvik, Finland) Even the karayzzziest calcite

leaves something to be desired in the coulda knocked me over with a feather department.


The walk to the metro featured the much in the news office of the AG.

It was also instructive to pass the ugliest building in DC – the FBI.

The unplanted, stained planters. Fun burst of color from the traffic cone. Dead concrete wall, stage left; desperate flurry of flags stage right. Chain link fencing on the second floor is a nice touch, as is the uncompromising brutalism of absolutely everything. As soon as the FBI vacates (bet the people who work there can’t wait), we can look forward to the architectural finishing touch: demolition.

Margaret Soltan, February 12, 2024 2:11PM
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