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‘Le directed students in the Post-Master’s and Special Studies Certificate Programs to make tuition checks payable either directly to her, to a merchandiser from whom she purchased luxury items, or to leave the payee line blank.’ 

An administrator at UCSF’s nursing school stole a million and a half dollars by the simple expediency of directing students to give her their money.


Le hid her theft by removing students from enrollment rosters so no tuition would be expected or creating fake bank deposit slips to indicate received tuition and providing them to her supervisor, the memorandum said. Le also falsely documented tuition payments on an Excel spreadsheet. 


And as to how you get students to hand you blank checks... UD’s figuring most of the students Le chose to rob were just-arrived foreigners?

Margaret Soltan, February 20, 2024 5:23PM
Posted in: just plain gross

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