If you’ve just tuned in, UD‘s kid, a female personage, eighteen years old,  is singing (she’s an alto) in the chorus at the first inaugural event, the big public concert at the Lincoln Memorial.

UD just caught up with her for a rushed cellphone chat on her way to today’s rehearsal.

“We’re singing America the Beautiful [If you can sing this, thank an English professor.] with Beyoncé and The Rising with Bruce Springsteen.  We rehearsed with Beyoncé yesterday…  What was it like?  Minus one degree!  I’m putting on many more clothes today… Yeah, security’s pretty tight… You have to get there via these special buses… I’m in a hurry because I have to get to the pick-up point by noon… How am I?  Exhausted.  But the sound the chorus makes — it’s wonderful.”


Another update: She’s somewhere behind him, freezing her tail off.


Another, Really Important, Update: Just finished a longish conversation with the child, and you can see her in the video. Occasionally. She’s in the front row behind Springsteen, to the very far right. In the first few seconds, you can see her – white hat, playing with her scarf. Then she’s out of camera range. She comes back into range at the very end.

She’ll be standing in the same place tomorrow. You should have a very clear view of her throughout the Springsteen song.

And yes. I know you’re a lot less interested in tracking my kid than I am. I’m just excited, and I want to share this.


Mr UD’s out shopping for her. Chorus members have to wear black ear muffs and white scarves tomorrow.

More from my exclusive interview.

“Five of the kids in the youth chorus [La Kid’s in the adult chorus — the youngest member.] went to the hospital with hypothermia yesterday. I mean, we’re standing there, it’s nighttime, it’s insanely cold… Some of the kids were just in hoodies…. When the wind whipped up!

Springsteen was really nice. Met with us, chatted with us, and I’m in a couple of group pictures with him. He said he liked the sound we made. Told us to be way loud tomorrow.

We’re going to be in tents tomorrow, watching the show on monitors when we’re not onstage. Which sort of sucks. But it’s worth it to get to be part of it. Today, I didn’t remember any of the hassles involved in taking part — just the greatness of being up there, doing this thing… ”


Viewing details.

What La Kid looks like.

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