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“Our once-proud university.”

The University of Minnesota – dominated by sports, devastated by medical school scandals – really has slipped. An alumnus writes to the university newspaper:

The latest ethics scandal at the University of Minnesota involving the dean of the medical school and a faculty member she appointed to review and improve ethical practices who turned out to have a whopping and profitable conflict of interest himself, underscores the need for a president who is more interested in the academic side of University life than in the athletic side.

This all happened on President Robert Bruininks’ watch, and one hopes he learned something about how to properly do his job at the Insight Bowl and will give us taxpayers our $700,000-a-year money’s worth — his annual salary. (Maybe the University should establish an Oversight Bowl at its new, needless, wasteful football stadium.)…

We must not allow another ethics scandal to occur on anyone’s watch at our once-proud University.

UD‘s covered the decline of UM for a long time. She concludes that the university needs a new president.

Margaret Soltan, January 21, 2009 9:44AM
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2 Responses to ““Our once-proud university.””

  1. V. Says:

    You know, that has been the standard refrain around this campus for years. I’m a fourth year U of M grad student. Every year under Bruiniks has been a spectacle of catastrophe.

    Just a terrible person and incompetent president surrounded by sycophants.

  2. K Says:

    I have another current ethics scandal at the University of Minnesota, but I am looking to prosecute it because it involves a scam run by a professor that cost myself and other students thousands of dollars. (So I haven’t yet gone to the press with it for fear of damaging the process). Does anyone on here know of a lawyer that specializes in cases such as this? Was the above medical ethics scandal prosecuted at all?

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