… and so far I’ve come across one alumna of University Diaries — the dread Jane L. Dolkart. Let’s take a careful trip down Memory Lane…

On Wednesday, June 8, testimony began in the case of [Southern Methodist University] Dedman School of Law professor Jane L. Dolkart, accused of hitting bicyclist Tommy Thomas with her car in May 2004.

Less than a week later, a Dallas jury found Dolkart guilty of aggravated assault but decided not to sentence her to jail time, opting instead for a penance of five years of probation and two years of community service.

The jury, according to media representatives inside the courtroom, ‘determined that Dolkart intentionally struck … Thomas with her car at White Rock Lake.’

In his testimony, Officer Craig Bennight explained that when told of Mr. Thomas” original accusation, Dolkart said she ‘only meant to tap him.’

After investigating the details with his partner, Bennight said, ‘We both concurred there was no evidence it was an accident. Ms. Dolkart never said it was an accident.’

Though she and defense attorney Mike Gibson were able to avoid the maximum of 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, Dolkart still elicited strong emotions from bicyclists across the metroplex.

One avid cyclist, who asked to remain anonymous, remarked, ‘As we all know, a “tap” from a two-ton auto can kill. … If there is justice in this world, she should pay big time.’

But the penalty from the city of Dallas is only half of the price Dolkart can expect to pay. A member of the Washington, D.C. bar association, Ms. Dolkart”s future as an SMU professor is under investigation.

The day after Dolkart”s sentence was handed down, the University issued the following statement:

“SMU is aware of the jury”s decision in the case involving Professor Jane Dolkart. Under University policy, SMU will conduct an internal review of the situation to determine an appropriate course of action.’

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  1. theprofessor Says:

    I feel awful that Sandy Koufax got taken.
    I feel less bad for Jane.

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