Before Pal Schmitt, there was…

… Glenn Poshard (scroll down here for UD‘s posts about one of the few old-time political hacks running an American university). Before Hungary’s president showed that you can plagiarize your thesis and not have plagiarized your thesis (scroll down), Poshard was already there, doing the same thing and holding on – to this day – to his position as president of Southern Illinois University.

But just as No-Quit Schmitt is under strong pressure to leave his post, so Poshard finds himself under threat. The governor’s office and some high-ranking SIU trustees are trying like hell to get him out (faculty are leaving; fewer and fewer students are applying; Poshard and his cronies are fatally tied to the Blagojevich regime), to the point where Poshard has actually had to try to talk. Which never works out well. “My leadership has been one of a positive nature on this university.” That’s your president speaking, kiddies.

Poshard’s problem is that the current government of the state of Illinois is very embarrassed and seems to be on an anti-corruption kick.

“A zero brain should not be president of our country.”

More Hungarian laughs as President Dr. Pal Schmitt refuses to resign over having plagiarized 96% of his dissertation.


UPDATE: So long, Pal.

UD thanks Edmund, a reader.

Ó, nem!

“I will prove that as a former Olympic champion I still have perseverance,” the 69-year-old Schmitt said. “I will prove … that I can write a so-called Ph.D. dissertation and obtain my doctorate in this manner.”

No-Quit Schmitt announces the next phase of his Embarrass-Hungary-to-Death project.

Hungary: Land of Intellectuals

An investigating committee has cleared Hungary’s president of plagiarizing his 1992 doctoral thesis, despite the inclusion of many pages copied from other sources and a long list of errors.

A five-member committee at Budapest’s Semmelweis University says academics at the then-independent University of Physical Education should have noticed and called attention to similarities between large parts of Schmitt’s thesis analyzing the Olympic Games and works by other authors.

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