When she read that Ralph Stanley had died…

UD went right to this YouTube; and though she hasn’t sung this song in decades, it came right back. Go ahead and join in on the beautiful chorus.

Lenticular Clouds.

Just because.

UD was interviewed yesterday…

… by a reporter from the Chronicle of Higher Education. Subject: Mental health problems among university professors. Of course she’ll link you to whatever article arises from it.

Wagnerian Leitmotif

Karen Wagner, a psychiatry professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, seems to sound a repetitive theme in her work: Accept undisclosed money from drug companies; put your name on articles substantively ghostwritten for drug companies; and just generally over many years demonstrate the sort of behavior that gets you … named president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Rewards in this field, after all, go to people able to increase the probability that drug firms – eager, in the latest case involving Wagner, to rain anti-depressants upon the heads of our teeniest tots – will get FDA approval for their products.

Does the pill do anything a placebo doesn’t… ? Might it have dire side effects… ?

Erfahrt, wie sich die Pharmakonzerne rächen,
von deren Huld ihr euch gewandt!


UD‘s friend Barney suggests some ways out.


Oh – and speaking of kiddies and the makers of fun adorable stuff for them to play with, like Risperdal blocks – a new movie about that drug is coming out, and UD is way excited at the possibility that it will star one of the most… intriguing characters we’ve met on this blog: Harvard’s Joseph Biederman.

“Clay’s dismissal marks another damper this offseason for the program that has been marred with arrests and apologies.”

Arrests and apologies… Losing much of your university football team because your recruitment staff is incentivized to bring people with a propensity toward violence onto college campuses has become so much part of the story of American life that sports writers are getting downright poetic about it.




This is a man’s world, this is a man’s world
But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl

You see, man made the Harleys to take us to Hooters
Man made John Barley and lots of big shooters
Man made Baylor and its rapin’ recruits
Man made a thousand new Baylor lawsuits

This is a man’s, man’s, man’s world
But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl

Waco’s lost in the wilderness
It’s lost in bitterness
It’s lost, lost somewhere in this, in loneliness

Reaping the Girlwind

Having wooed and accommodated the forces of chaos, party leaders now fear that Mr. Trump will not only lose, but that he’ll cost them control of the House and the Senate, too …

Republicans: Making the world safe for Clinton/Warren.

Update on Mentally Challenged University of North Texas.

The University of North Texas athletic department is paying $90,000 per month to buy out the contracts of three former athletic department employees…

The school hired [a new football coach] heading into the 2011 season and saw him provide the program an immediate boost…

[It] quickly signed [the coach] to a new five-year contract in March 2014.

[He] coached only 17 games under the terms of that contract. [The school] fired him after an embarrassing 66-7 loss to Portland State University left UNT at 0-5 last season…

UNT has been paying out [his] salary since…

And you know what’s interesting?

McCarney hasn’t taken a full-time job since leaving UNT. He recently spoke at a clinic at Iowa State and has spent time visiting his former assistant coaches who now are running their own programs.

Petersen has not returned to a full-time job in college coaching, while Villarreal said he would take time off after leaving UNT to evaluate the next step in his career.

None of the three guys getting full salary for doing nothing is looking for a new job! Weird, huh? They seem content to pull down all that money and not do anything.

Or, I mean, you know … It’s great to see Villarreal slowly chewing on that all-important next step…

It’s like university presidents on corporate boards. Nice work if you can get it.

La Kid…


… fashionably freezing
her ass off at a music
festival in Ireland.

Last Speech of Donald …


Tweets for English Professors

Tweet from Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist Joel Benenson: “Polls drop. Trump dumps mgr. — S. Beckett: ‘There’s man all over for you, blaming on his boots the faults of his feet.’”

However — UD has long argued that the urtext for the Trump phenom is Ubu.

Donald Trump: First Female President

We are seeing a very serious role reversal in the Clinton-Trump race. The very criticisms that men unfairly hurled at politically ambitious women are now actually true about Trump. The old stereotypes and attack lines for women have suddenly become part and parcel of who Donald Trump really is:

Who is the most emotional, off-the-wall, candidate? Donald Trump.

Who is shrill and flailing at his rallies? Donald Trump

Who has little knowledge or understanding of the issues confronting the country? Easy one, Donald Trump.

Who lacks basic competency in governing? Donald Trump, hands down.

Who routinely makes statements that lack credibility, don’t rely on facts and depend on his “mood” at the time? Yup, Donald Trump.

Secret Ballot

We shouldn’t necessarily believe the polling, [Trump’s] arguing, because Americans who intend to vote for Trump are too embarrassed to admit it when asked for their preference in surveys. Once you account for the fact that Trump supporters feel a sense of shame, and don’t want to acknowledge their true beliefs to pollsters, maybe he’s doing far better than the data suggests.

Is there anything to this? I doubt it – there was some chatter about this during the GOP primaries, but the polls tended to be pretty accurate – though it says quite a bit about Trump’s candidacy that he’s been reduced to reassuring partisans by telling them that he has secret supporters who don’t want to admit they’re voting for him.

“Some Parts of the Brazilian Government Actually Aren’t Corrupt”

Headline of the day.

‘“Where there was a lot of reasons to be concerned about this guy, York University showed no reluctance to name a very high profile new initiative after him,” said Jim Turk, former executive director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers for 16 years and now a distinguished visiting professor at Ryerson University.’

Look, he hasn’t quite yet actually been convicted of anything… More than enough reason to emblazon his name all over your Institute for Global Health…

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