“Finally! A Heartfelt and Accessible Account of the Truth of Our Sisters’ Lives.” — The Muslim Brotherhood.

Positive reviews are pouring in for Everyday Women’s and Gender Studies, a new textbook. An excerpt from it about the burqa:

Everywhere, such veiling signifies belonging to a particular community and participating in a moral way of life in which families are paramount in the organization of communities and the home is associated with the sanctity of women.

It’s a beautiful sentiment, and UD loves the thought of young American college students encountering it in our classrooms. There are particular communities in the world so moral as to elevate women to the status of saints. They actually sanctify them. Here in the amoral United States, families are not quite so paramount, and indeed we fail to think of women as exclusively restricted to home and family life. Here we not only think of women as having lives outside of the domestic sphere; we let them drive cars and take jobs and exist in the public realm. Clearly we have much to learn from moral communities in which women are housebound saints allowed outside in desert heat under the condition that every inch of their divinity is covered in thick black cloth.

Hear O Israel: Dear Lord our fraud, our fraud is done.

Early morning criminal raids by state and federal authorities Monday sent tremors through Lakewood [New Jersey] as officials signaled that more arrests are impending in a massive investigation into welfare fraud.

In the last two days, hundreds of residents called township leaders asking how they can avoid arrest or get amnesty related to an alleged public-assistance fraud scheme that could stretch into the millions of dollars, according to one law enforcement with knowledge of the ongoing probes.

That source, who was not authorized to speak publicly, said that dozens have also called Ocean County Social Services in Toms River to cancel their public assistance or update their income information.


Haredim: A word meaning Those who do not tremble at their own fraud.


“[T]he dominant culture of Lakewood.”

They need to update this …

Twitter page.

June 27: Our rabbi arrested for massive welfare fraud.

One for all, and all for one.

Russia’s Entire 2014 World Cup Squad
Face Fifa Doping Investigation

More on the Latest Victory Against Ultra Orthodoxy.

The struggle continues.

Meanwhile, it helps to know your enemy as intimately as possible:

Women, it seems, are like dirt. When there’s dirt in the seat next to us, we don’t ask to change seats; we politely ask to have the dirt cleaned off. The passenger who asked to “move the woman” related to her as an object, like something disgusting. It’s the same to him no matter how old she is; she’s a woman and must be moved out of range.

… I believe this desire to “move this dirt” stems from the distorted notion that women must cover their bodies so as not to lead men to have improper sexual thoughts, heaven forbid. The women, not the men, are responsible for men’s thoughts. Poor guys, all they want is to be able to go out in public without being hurt, and they encounter alluring demons there. It’s not just ultra-Orthodox society; every society that deals obsessively with covering women up to protect men begins with the same premise. If it were possible to sweep all this dirt into a pile in the corner, it would be wonderful.

The epicenter of women’s filth is the clitoris. That’s why almost every defender of female genital mutilation – the highest profile defender lately is Alan Dershowitz – talks about the procedure as a form of “cleansing” and “purification.” Have the dirt cleansed off.

But, you know, you can scrape and scrape at a woman’s genitals and she’s still filthy. Cover her up so we don’t have to see.

‘Asst. ETSU Football Coach Suspended After Threatening to Hang Hotel Clerk “From a Noose”‘

Well, what else would he hang him from?

According to court paperwork, [East Tennessee State University defensive line coach Jeffrey] Brumett threatened to kill, beat, and hang a hotel clerk “from a noose” because his room key card didn’t work… He’s charged with disorderly conduct, assault, and public intoxication.

“It’s perplexing why you’d plagiarize when just introducing yourself.”

So says a commenter on this odd story, and so say all of us. Plagiarize a scholarly article, a commissioned report, a poem, yes. But a letter introducing yourself? Yourself?

Wow. Pick up a plant container and…

La Kid, Yesterday, Dublin Pride Parade

Saint Nick

The group maintains it does not condone female genital mutilation and that it only practices a form of female circumcision that involves no cutting — just a minor nick of the clitoral hood…. Their procedure, they maintain, is extremely minor, not harmful and involves only a nicking of the clitoral hood. They say it’s not done to suppress a woman’s sexuality, but as a requirement for purity.


“Vacation cutting,” as the practice is deemed by those who oppose it, has existed in immigrant enclaves around the world for decades. Federal law has banned genital cutting in the United States since 1996, and last year it became illegal to transport girls for that purpose.


Vacation Cutting

Deep in the shadows mothers pause
Out come little scraping claws
Some local woman with dirty knives
All so the little ones have purer lives

Ho, ho ho! Who wouldn’t go? Ho, ho ho! Who wouldn’t go?
Deep in the shadows, bleed, slash, flick
Now give your money to good Saint Nick

First comes the clitoris of little Nell
Oh dear slasher kill it well
Give her a dolly that laughs and cries
Tell her be quiet and to shut her eyes

Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn’t go? Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn’t go?
Deep in the shadows, bleed, slash, flick
Now give your money to good Saint Nick

Next comes the clitoris of little Lil
Oh just see what a glorious kill
Here is a scissors with lots of snips
Next we’ll go for the labial lips

Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn’t go? Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn’t go?
Deep in the shadows, bleed, slash, flick
Now give your money to good Saint Nick

///// \

Slash. Slash. Slash. Slash. Slash.


Shit My Lawyer Says

[Martin] Shkreli’s lawyer Ben Brafman told CNNMoney in an email on Friday that Shkreli “is really a special kid who could cure cancer if left alone.

Sentences that Make UD Laugh

How do I care for a redundant colon at home?

Third Vanderbilt Rape…

Sing it with me!

Third Vanderbilt rape;
Third Vanderbilt Vanderbilt rape;
Third Vanderbilt rape;
Third Vanderbilt Vanderbilt rape;
Third Vanderbilt rape;
Third Vanderbilt Vanderbilt rape
Third Vanderbilt rape
Third Vanderbilt Vanderbilt rape.


For UD‘s many Vanderbilt rape posts,
go here.

UD thanks Keith.


These United States

Alabam’s our wild red yonder
Jeff Sessions makes its heart grow fonder
Inside its schools
The rightwing rules
In the person of Mr. Ponder

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