Teaching Evolution at the University of Kentucky

During one lecture, a student asked a question I’ve heard many times: “If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?” My response was and is always the same: We didn’t evolve from monkeys. Humans and monkeys evolved from a common ancestor. One ancestral population evolved in one direction toward modern-day monkeys, while another evolved toward humans. The explanation clicked for most students, but not all, so I tried another. I asked the students to consider this: Catholics are the oldest Christian denomination, so if Protestants evolved from Catholics, why are there still Catholics?

Mandatory Death Panels NOTHING.

Get ready for mandatory church panels.

Philanthropic Organizational Life, University of Arizona

The new member class of Delta Sigma Phi had been placed into two groups of 14 at the Delta Sigma Phi off-campus residence and were locked in a room where each room was given a large quantity of vodka and a bucket of water and were told to drink until everything was gone. At least one new member reportedly consumed to the point of passing out and lost control of his bodily functions. This same member had been to the hospital twice that same week (not known if related to Delta Sigma Phi).

More details:

Members of the chapter took the new members and separated them into two groups and placed each into a room. Each group was given a handle of vodka, a bucket of water, and an empty bucket to be used for “puking”. Each room was given 15 minutes to finish everything (all alcohol). This activity was explained as a team builder, so the new members were also expected to share facts about themselves in between drinking.

Active members including the new member educator were in the room to monitor and would count down the time (15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, etc.). Halfway through the time, members were rotated out of their room to get to know the other group. At least two new members passed out during this activity, including one who lost control of his bodily functions. This new member was placed into a bed. Multiple people vomited into the empty buckets. At the end of the 15 minutes, both rooms were allowed to return back to the party.

“[I]t is worth resisting the temptation to think that some new regulation or device can offer perfect protection against calculated malice.”

Unfortunately, none can.

James Fallows, on the Germanwings crash.

Will, Will, Why hast thou forsaken me?

Will Ferrell has argued that fraternities should be banned altogether.

They grow up so fast!

In the room of [Wesleyan University student] Eric Lonergan, the police found … 16 kinds of prescription drugs … including blood pressure medications, … drugs for dementia or Parkinson’s disease, and others.

Teamwork in the Heartland

It’s almost impossible to pull this many charges acting alone. It takes a village.

Ten Bucks A Speech

Ten bucks to miss
Ted Cruz on campus,
A bargain at
Twice the price.

Ten bucks to stay
Clear of his presence
And do something
Much more nice.


Students were aware of the rule. One of them posted about it on her Facebook page. Citing another student, she wrote, “Students will either attend Convocation and lend to the illusion of widespread support for Sen. Cruz, or they will be subject to administrative punishment — specifically, four reprimands and a $10 fine – if they are absent.”

La Kid Encounters a Dog and Pony Show…

… at the Ring of Kerry. (Dog and donkey.)


UD likes the way she’s
smiling through the rain.

My favorite part of this is, of course…

… (how could it be otherwise?) Baby Face Emmert.

UD thanks Dirk.

UD Brings on the Exuberant at…

… the DC Public Library.

“[T]he once wildly profitable for-profit education sector is for the birds.”

Good and totally predictable news. But meanwhile a lot of people got hurt (those paying back pointless loans continue to get hurt), and a lot of taxpayers got taken.

Of course the industry continues to take our taxes and put suckers in debt. But it’s definitely, finally, going south.

Make a note of it: The lower-scoring the student, the more football-mad.

[A]pplicants with lower-than-average SAT scores prefer schools with athletic success. Those students “valued” athletic success for longer periods than high SAT applicants.

That theoretically translates to loyalty, which translates to donations. That translates into long-term financing of the whole [university football] enterprise — even when it’s bad football.

“Academicians can talk all they want to,” [former Sun Belt commissioner Wright Waters says]. “The American public loves sports, period. It is what it is. We have a sports page, not a math classroom page.”

Low-scoring students supporting loser football: The recipe for success at so many American universities! Dennis Dodd sings its praises, and shows how you can bring this winning combination to your school.

Is it the University of North Georgia…

or the Wynn Resorts board?

Wow. Killing Fields City.

Sitting at my desk writing a lecture about Blood Meridian, I just watched, from my front windows, an enormous hawk stand on my post and rail fence and look for a few minutes at the half-eaten body of a rabbit that I earlier this morning watched a crow pick at.

That was certainly a long sentence.

Let’s rewrite it McCarthy-style (the hawk has since descended, picked up the body in its claws, and taken it halfway up an adjacent tree).

She wrote the lecture and looked out of the window and a hawk was there and it watched the body of the crow-picked rabbit and looked around itself and then it floated down and lifted the dead rabbit in its talons and took it up to a tree and began to eat.


(Looked like this. Without the snow. Plus maybe that’s a squirrel.)

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