Snapshots from Summit

UD‘s sister-in-law starts her summer stay in
the upstate NY house she shares with Les UDs.

She sends two pictures.


Our neighbor – the guy who showed UD
how to shoot a gun – cuts the front field.


The pond.

Click on the images for a bigger view.

—Love, says Bloom. I mean the opposite of hatred.

Ireland says yes.



Conveniently located just steps from Baylor University.

Even cops think, ‘Oh they are just tattooed long haired guys who like to ride motorcycles.’ And the reality of it is they are long-haired tattooed guys who ride motorcycles and sell a hell of a lot of methamphetamine and murder people and steal motorcycles and extort people and beat people up in bars for no reasons.”

“Inviting armed rival gangs to a place where alcohol is served is not only unwise, it is reckless.”

Nah. Just the free market doing its thing.

“Trials don’t really lend itself to, in a criminal trial, a defendant to show the world his full character.”

True, when you’re on trial for having used your position as chair of a university’s board of trustees to steal large sums of money, getting the word out on what a great guy you are is going to be difficult.

I think I’m paraphrasing Jonathan Pinson’s defense attorney correctly…

He’s off to prison for five years; but South Carolina State University, one of America’s most pointless and corrupt dropout factories, keeps grinding on.

“They met while business students at the University of Texas at Dallas …”

The breastaurant entrepreneur course of study:

Breastness Analytics

The Ebreastive Leader

Breastness & Society

Managing Complex Breasts

Breastal Strategy

Breast-Based Marketing

Management of Breasts

The Silicone Experience

Global Strategy


Penetration Testing

TIT Project Management

“Silt, Muck, and Swirlies”…

… is the title of UD‘s latest dispatch from her hometown, Garrett Park, Maryland.

“I think overall it’s good for business, I really do. It’s those little instances you have that make the weekend look bad.”

Ah, America. The head of the Myrtle Beach Merchants Association, gearing up for this year’s Memorial Day crowd, touches delicately on last year, when “three people died and seven were injured in eight shootings.” And still those little things remain


Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco. The Spinnaker Club in Panama City Beach. These places, and whatever place this year’s melees in Myrtle Beach will choose, are emerging as icons of a peculiar form of capitalism — the form you get when you combine a society of the spectacle with guns and a totally unhinged profit motive.

It’s odd. The rhetoric of these massive motorcycle rallies is one of personal freedom, yet the events instantly turn their locales into police states. Read the details of the security presence and restriction of movement in Myrtle Beach.


People are starting to notice the same thing at university football games. Because the drunken crowd is so nasty, everyone’s under heavy surveillance.

Summer School at Baylor University, Cont’d:

With open carry, you’ll get FAR better pictures for your Facebook coverage of the next shootout down the street. We’re talking Mad Max Fury Road!

UD’s friend Sarah (who just got back from…

… Gore Vidal’s house) leads the charge against noise in her neighborhood.

Summer School at Baylor Isn’t Looking Too Good

Of immediate concern to authorities has been the prospect for more violence here, as other motorcycle gang members have been rumored to be headed to Waco in response to the clash.

Swanton said law enforcement agencies began receiving intelligence reports Sunday night that a “green light” had been put out on officers in uniforms by several of the gangs.

Monday morning, members of of the Waco Police Department, Texas Rangers and Texas Department of Public Safety remained on the scene heavily armed with military-style rifles and other weaponry.

Okay, bikers, now you’ve gone too far.

Denny’s manager DaRhonda McFarland said a “huge” group of bikers entered the restaurant a couple of hours after the shooting. She was aware there had been a shooting at Twin Peaks, McFarland said, but “at the time, I didn’t know the magnitude of it.”

The bikers were seated and served, she said. Then suddenly, they all got up and left, with some not paying their bills.

As our native tax syphons – the for-profit ed scams – are forced to shut down…

… their ex-employees can always find work in Pakistan.

Congratulations, Baylor Grads and Families!!

Step carefully over the bodies on your way home.

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