Quotation of the Day.

“Take for example, female genital mutilation,” Anderson said. “So, they say ‘that’s a cultural practice.’ I’m sorry, no culture should be able to whack off sex organs, so you can’t have pleasure anymore.”

Karrin Anderson, a professor in the Colorado State University communications department.


Also: Check out the great “Girls Belong in School” poster on the page.

The National Science Foundation Inspector General Shares her Favorite Plagiarism Excuses.

I was distracted by bird vocalizations outside my thatched roof hut, grabbed my digital camera to get pictures of the pair of woodpeckers, and when I returned to my computer where I thought I had saved my changes to the material, it had crashed with the wrong draft saved.

I guess my thinking was this person is just trying to understand what my research is about and what I’m proposing to do. And so how is letting him or her know that I got this text from this other paper, how is that going to help him understand better my project or what I’m trying to say?

I did not copy from the suggested source. We just both paraphrased from the cited author in exactly the same way.

As engineers, we do not use quotation marks around copied text.

Quotation marks are only needed for the copied words of “famous people.”

It’s only a proposal. It’s not like it’s a publication. The reviewers are smart enough to know what is my work and what is someone else’s.

My English teacher told me it’s not plagiarism if I change every seventh word.

A rogue British secretary did it.

UD‘s favorite is the engineers one.


And think about it. These are her highly selected best ones. The five thousand or so others she receives every year didn’t make the cut.

La Kid Turns 27.

Time will surely and definitely tame the deranged University of Louisville dotard James Ramsey…

… who, when UL president, allegedly speculated away up to $100 million of school money. He will be sued; he will have to spend the rest of his life paying lawyers to draw out the suits against him until he expires in sunny splendor in one of his Florida mcmansions.

Meanwhile, though, the school ain’t got much money left over for anything but what matters most to it – football – and as a result, it’s no longer able to provide much-needed advertising revenue to the local student newspaper.

The withdrawal of those advertising dollars threatens the existence of the paper, which is why UD just gave it some money. You might consider making a donation as well.

Wheaton College’s New MA in Disaster Leadership Couldn’t Have Come …

at a better time.



No sacrifice is too great when it comes to assuring your daughters …

… a joyless, mutilated future.

Dr Nagarwala … has supporters – 17 of which have offered to put their own homes and assets on the line to free the doctor from jail until trial …


Good Christian Men Rejoice!

Sing it.

Good Christian men rejoice
With heart and soul and voice!
Give ye heed to what we say
News! News!
Eight-page essay due today!
Tell us of the packing tape
Tell us of the anal rape
Play the game today!
Play the game today!

Good Christian men, rejoice
With heart and soul and voice
Now ye need not fear the law:
Peace! Peace!
All for one and one for all
Wheaton College hides your shame
So you can play His glorious game
You were born to play
You were born to play


UD thanks Jay and dmf.

Number Nine… Number Nine… Number Nine…

Laura Kipnis’s endlessly repeated Title IX investigations at UD‘s befuddled alma mater, Northwestern University, begin to sound like the famous Beatles song. She keeps getting investigated for sex discrimination and found not guilty of it. Her life is heading into Groundhog Day territory, waking up every morning to the same effort to nail her for nastiness.

She wrote about her first investigation in a recent book:

Her prior Title IX investigation, she writes, “has made me a little mad and possibly a little dangerous. . . . I mean, having been hauled up on complaints once, what do I have to lose? ‘Confidentiality’? ‘Conduct befitting a professor’? Kiss my ass.”

Failing to bring her down via Number Nine, Northwestern tried to ruin her for incivility.

The dean ultimately found that Kipnis did not violate the civility policy…

Rats. How about her violations of The Free Woman policy? She’s been prancing around being a free woman – can we go after her for that?

No. Let’s stick with Title IX. A law professor specifies, in the New Yorker, how it can be used:

Title IX can … be used to discourage disagreement, deter dissent, deflect scrutiny, or register disapproval of people whom colleagues find loathsome. The problem is not with Title IX itself, much less the generic capacity of any rule to be used as a pretext for unrelated ends. Rather, it is the growing tendency to try, in the words of Kipnis’s book, “to bend Title IX into an all-purpose bludgeon.” This warping is made possible by ambiguous and undisciplined understandings — misunderstandings — of sexual harassment and its harms… Title IX is too often conscripted to serve purposes antithetical to the education of citizens in a democracy, in which disagreement, dissent, or disapproval should lead to argument, not to an infinite loop of institutional investigation.

The only possible…


For years, Julius Nyang’oro got to teach nothing; it seems only fair that Jay Smith be allowed to teach something.

The University of North Carolina’s strongly expressed preference for professors who teach completely fictitious courses (which Nyang’oro did for years) over professors who want to teach courses that have actual content and class meetings and all means that history professor Jay Smith has been unable to teach his course in the history of college sports.

After all, this course, offered by a distinguished historian, is weighed down with actual intellectual material, whereas UNC prefers that its students earn their degrees by floating through sheer beautiful lovely fakery.

Kevin Guskiewicz, a dean who oversees the department, and Jim Dean, UNC’s previous provost, said that academic freedom “does not give individual faculty members the right to unilaterally decide what courses they will teach in a given semester or academic year.”

So true! The dean’s job is to make sure UNC maintains its strong brand as the go-to school for athletes who want to cheat their way to a degree; Smith represents legitimate academic activity, and therefore must be quashed.


Alas, the eyes of the world are still upon UNC onaccounta their latest fake courses scandal, and UNC has ultimately had to cave and allow this real course into its curriculum. Bummer.

‘Old New York was a much feebler second boiling from the tea-leaves of The Age of Innocence.’

UD loves this sentence from Edmund Wilson’s 1938 essay about Edith Wharton. Maybe because UD is such a tea drinker.

The Flying University at Reed College.

Kudos to Reed College, which has, under repressive conditions, found a way to continue to educate its students.

[Reed College professor] Kambiz GhaneaBassiri, a professor of religion and humanities, declined to lecture alongside [protesting] students who, he said, equated [his humanities] course — and by extension him — with white supremacy. He invited interested students to visit his office, and approximately 150 of them did so … resulting in an impromptu lecture.

Hidden in out of the way places, packed into private offices, the determined students of Reed pursue the life of the mind. It is the Polish Flying University system again. An underground system that has found its way – has had to find it way – to America.



For UD’s Three-Minute Walk from her Office to the Foggy Bottom Metro….

… a new challenge.

Add to speeding ambulances, long shrieking political motorcades, CIA test-drones, constant jet traffic, presidential helicopters, political demonstrations, and rats… hospital transport helicopters:

George Washington University Hospital’s effort to repeal the District’s ban on helicopter landing pads in residential areas ignores the real risk to public safety of helicopter accidents and blindly accepts the claimed benefits. Unfortunately, helicopters — including hospital transport helicopters — can crash, and hospital helicopters have crashed on hospital helipads. A crash in the densely populated Foggy Bottom/West End area — which includes a busy Metro station — could be catastrophic.

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